Please Arrive at 10:30am on your schedule day of class. Remaining balance is due before the start of class. Student will not be able to join class if balance is not paid. There is a service charge if using card. 

Enrollment Agreement


This agreement is a legally binding instrument and is only binding when the agreement is accepted, signed, and dated by the authorized official of the school or the admissions officer at the school’s principal place of business. Read all pages of this contract before signing.


You are entitled to an exact copy of the agreement and any disclosure pages you sign.


This agreement and the school catalog constitute the entire agreement between the student and the school.


Any changes in this agreement must be made in writing and shall not be binding on either the student or the school unless such changes have been approved in writing by the authorized official of the school and by the student or the student’s parent or guardian.  All terms and conditions of the agreement are not subject to amendment or modification by oral agreement.


The school does not guarantee the transferability of credits to another school, college, or university.  Credits or coursework are not likely to transfer; any decision on the comparability, appropriateness and applicability of credit and whether credit should be accepted is the decision of the receiving institution.



The student has the right to cancel the initial enrollment agreement until (48 hours) of the (2nd)  day after the student has been admitted.  If the right to cancel is not given to any prospective student at the time the agreement is signed, then the student has the right to cancel the agreement at any time and receive a refund on all monies paid to date within (2) days of cancellation.  Cancellation should be submitted to the authorized official of the school in writing.

Cancellation and Tardiness Policy

A deposit or full tuition payment via cash, cashiers check, and credit card NO PERSONAL CHECKS will reserve a seat in class. Students will receive a full refund of deposit or tuition if notice of intent to cancel is received within 48 hours after receipt of initial payment.

If cancelling class after 48 hrs from payment there is a $500 non-refundable fee. Deposit is deducted from tuition and balance of tuition is due on or before the start of class. Deposit, nor tuition, are refundable if the student cancels after 48 hours of receipt of payment or if the student does not show up for class. However, if there is a proven emergency, we will offer the student the next available opening dates for classes in which they can participate at no additional charge. Students must clear their schedule and pick from one of the two classes offered or they forfeit their deposit and/or tuition.

Students must read, understand, and agree to their rights and responsibilities, and acknowledge that the cancellation and refund policies have been clearly explained. 

Students who arrive late will have to pay $65 per hour for every hour missed of the program. Tardy students will make up for hours in a future date and will be scheduled by the instructor. 

 Withdrawal Procedure

No refunds will be issued for withdrawal from class. If a written medical excuse is provided, students can attend the next available class with no additional fees.


Brows Beauty Couture is  accredited by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.


Brows Beauty Couture does not provide recognition for previous training and certificates may not be recognized in other institutions.  


All students records will be kept by Brows Beauty Couture and can be accessed by written consent by the student. 

 Student Truancy and Tardiness

To receive a certificate of completion students must attend all three days and be on time each day. Students must arrive to class on time 10:30 am until Class is dismissed for all three days. Students that are tardy or miss class time will be held accountable and pay additional fee as stated in the enrollment agreement under Cancellation and Tardiness Policy . All students must have completed the required hours and must work on live models to receive a certificate. It is the instructors professional opinion to determine if a student is ready to work on a live model. If the minimum standards can not be met by the student then Brows Beauty Couture will not administer a certificate of completion. 



Standards Evaluation 

All students are required to meet a 75% satisfactory evaluation during each stage of the course. If the minimum standard requirement can not be met students will have a reevaluation and student will be recommended to practice and study more before the end of the course. If no progress has been made to safely perform the service, no certificate of completion will be granted even if they met other requirements. Brows Beauty Couture is not liable for any medical compsenation. 


Class Conduct

Students are required to act in a mature manner during the course. If students are displaying disruptive behavior during the course they will receive one written warning the second  be terminated from the course with no refund. Disruptive behaviors include but are not limited to: harassing other students, possession or being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, loud vulgar language.

 Questions and Concerns Procedure

Any questions or concerns that have not been addressed before the start of class can be sent to Abby Enriquez:

9435 W Irving Park Rd Schiller Park IL 60176





 Filing a Complaint

Filing a complaint about the school : 




Illinois Board of Higher Education

Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools

1N. Old State Capital Plaza Ste 333

Springfield, IL 62701


Ph: (217) 782-255


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