3 Day Advanced Microblading + flawless Brows
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Microblading Training

 This training  will cover many detailed imperative aspects of technique hand placement, most efficient tools to achieve best healed results, marketing, pre/post procedure care informations/instructions, safety, sanitation, color theory, color correction to ensure all processes are comprehendible to achieve successful execution. Brow mapping will be hugely beneficial for every brow artist, different techniques will be taught to fully understand the art of symmetry. You will have the advantage to learn what works best for you own individual style. Educational exercises with practice skins and an array of Chicago Microblading by Brows Beauty Couture special methods will help students fully understand correct technique.  


  flawless Brows is a  technique which creates a soft, powdered effect that resembles eyebrow powder + the unique strokes of Microblading perfected by Brows Beauty Couture. Instead of the hair stroke typical with Microblading. Flawless Brows Technique is ideal for clients that want a more glam look and results last longer than Microblading. 

flawless Brows Training

2 Techniques 



What knowledge/skills will you acquire doing this course?


  • Microblading Flawless Brows techniques

  • Microblading starter kit

  • Intimate class setting

  • Brows Mapping

  • Sanitation and Safety

  • Client Communication

  • Color Theory

  •  Lighting

  • Healing Protocol & What to Expect

  • Lunch and Snacks included

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Upon completion graduating students  will receive a certificate of completion recognized as a certified Microblading Technician