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 Chicago Microblading
Microblading Master

Brows Beauty Couture 

 Brows Beauty Couture was established to meet a higher standard in microblading  and Permanent Makeup procedures. We are accredited IBHE Academy. We service Chicago, Rockford, Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs. We offer many services including:  


We have serviced hundreds of clients in need of special and unique look for their eyebrows. Some clients can not help but show their joy right after the microblading procedure is finished.  

Chicago Microblading by Brows Beauty Couture is a permanent makeup clinic that specializes in the latest beauty trends in permanent makeup (lip blush also known as lip tint and eyeliner) with our main priority in Microblading, Ombre and our signature flawless Brows. Along with new procedures SMP, Beard SMP, BB Glow, Microneedling and tattoo removal you can be confident to look your best when you leave our studio. 

microblading eyebrows milwaukee

Looking for Microblading Training or Scalp Micro-pigmentation SMP in Chicago or Rockford? Start a new career in the growing field of Microblading and permeant makeup and register for our Advanced Microblading class. Chicago Microblading by Brows Beauty Couture is Certified by the Illinois Board of Higher Education and our Microblading Training teaches the fundamentals of Microblading. Be prepared to take your career to the next level with our skilled instructors teaching you exactly what you need to be a skillful Microblading Technician. We serve all of Greater Chicago and surrounding suburbs, book your seat today!             

microblading in milwaukee

Our class teaches the fundamentals of Microblading + flawless Brows technique. We teach hair-stroke eyebrows which is the Microblading foundation, plus you will learn Brows Beauty Couture signature technique flawless Brows  . After taking this class, and practicing our techniques, you’ll be able to work on clients of all skin types. This is a 3 day course with  Chicago Microblading by Brows Beauty Couture Master Abby.


Two most popular techniques. Learn my most requested brow technique Flawless Brows along with Microblading. Perfecting these two techniques will help you earn the most money in  the beauty industry. As an added bonus you will learn the best technique for correction of old PMU brows and add another stream of income to your portfolio.


Chicago Microblading by Brows Beauty Couture offers Ombre Training. Add this technique to be a complete PMU artist. Please contact for information or to schedule your date.


Join my PMU Training and you will learn the easiest way to learn the craft and Earn as much or more than a Nurse, Lawyer and even a Doctor ! 

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